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Bitesize Blog - Settlement Agreements

Employment relationships can end for many reasons - dismissal, redundancy, personality clashes, different work ethics. Businesses are increasingly using settlement agreements to end an employment relationship. 

Why? A settlement agreement ends a relationship quickly and quietly. It protects the business because the employee signs away almost all legal rights they may have against the company. In return, the business usually gives the employee more money than they would ordinarily be entitled to. 

For a settlement agreement to be valid, the employee must receive independent legal advice. The document itself can be a little bewildering and full of legal jargon. If you receive one, call us and we will make time to meet you and go through the document and the circumstances leading up to it. 

If we think you shouldn’t sign the agreement we will tell you. We will set out your options and help you to choose which best suits you. And it won’t cost you a penny - your employer pays for your legal advice. 

If you would like to discuss your business concerns with us please either call us on 0151 363 3977 or email us at and we'll have a chat with you to see how we can help.