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Photocard Driving Licences

Are You Breaking The Law? If You Have A Photocard Driving Licence You Might Be…..
These days drivers must have a valid driving licence. Most drivers now have a photocard driving licence. After all, they’ve been around since 1998 - but is yours valid? The answer might surprise and scare you!

When Should I renew?
Photocard driving licences must be updated at least every 10 years. Take out your photocard licence and look at section 4b on the front side of the card. This is the date that the photocard licence will automatically expire. You MUST renew it before this date. The DVLA should send you a reminder by post 2 months before the expiry date. It will be a form called a D798 renewal notification.

You should also renew your photocard licence if you change address, your title, or your name.

How Do I Renew?
You can renew online here (, or you can renew at your local Post Office or by sending the necessary information and fee by post to the DVLA. All of the information you need is available through the earlier link.

What Does It Cost To Renew?
To renew at the end of the 10 year cycle there is a fee payable which is currently £14.00. If you are renewing because your name, title, or address have changed then it is free to renew.

Mine Has Expired – What Does This Mean?
You are effectively breaking the law by driving without a valid licence. You could be fined up to £1,000.00 if you happen to be stopped by the police with an expired licence. Also, you could well be breaching the terms of your car insurance meaning that if you are involved in an accident your car insurance might not cover you. This could leave you with a hefty bill if you’re at fault for the accident. Car hire firms are unlikely to offer you a vehicle. Finally, if you are travelling abroad with an expired UK photocard licence you might be breaking local laws too.

Our Recommendation
Next time you get a spare moment, take out your driving licence and make a note of the expiry date at section 4b. If it has already expired make sure you apply to renew it ASAP (using the link above will be the quickest method). If your details need updating, again use the link provided above to apply to renew your photocard licence for free. Again, do this immediately.

Driving without a valid licence means you will be breaking the law. Nobody wants to break the law and receive a £1,000.00 fine! 

If your details haven’t changed and your photocard licence isn’t due to be renewed for some time, put a reminder in your mobile phone’s calendar or reminder app. Set it for 2 months before the date listed at section 4b of your photocard licence. This way you’ll have plenty of time to renew your licence and avoid a fine.


Share this article with friends and family – you’ll be doing them a favour. It was estimated in 2013 that there were 2 million photocard driving licences that had expired and not been renewed. This is your chance to save a friend, colleague, or family member from a completely avoidable legal problem.