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Family Law - Fixed Fee Separation Agreements

What is a Separation Agreement?

It is suitable for married and unmarried couples who intend to separate and want a legal document drawn up to confirm the agreements they have reached in respect of their finances.  Importantly, the Court cannot approve the terms of a Separation Agreement so they are not strictly binding or enforceable.  However, Separation Agreements carry more credibility now than they ever have, and they remain a worthwhile step to take.

What is included in the fixed fee package?

An initial conversation either in person or by telephone. This incurs no fee. The fixed fee package will also include:

  • Obtaining the information we need to be able to draft the Agreement
  • Advising you of the implications of signing a Separation Agreement
  • Informing you of the financial information needed and drafting a Schedule/Statement detailing it all (the Courts have made clear that this sort of agreement will only be followed by them if both parties have exchanged detailed financial information about their circumstances)
  • Arranging for signature by both parties
  • Storing the original Separation Agreement

Throughout this process we will keep you updated. You will be provided with a direct email address and contact telephone number for the solicitor acting on your behalf.

How much is the Fixed Fee Separation Agreement?

ACSL Fee          VAT                   Total                 
£600 £120 £720


What isn't included in our fixed fee package?

  • The fixed fee package requires you both to have agreed the basic terms of a potential separation agreement. This package is not suitable to cases where there are fundamental disagreements between you - we offer a more detailed fee package for complicated cases.
  • The fixed fee package doesn't include advice on what agreement you should make. For us to be able to offer this type of detailed advice we would need to look in detail at all of your financial information, with reports from Independent Financial Advisors, accountants etc. We will however, advise you of the issues you ought to include in your agreement and the implications of signing the separation agreement.

You can contact ACSL Solicitors either by telephone on 0151 363 3977, or by email at We hope you found this article useful.